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   14-Sep-2019 - Sex Worker Pride

   06-Aug-2019 - National FSW PrEP Advocates Training

   02-Jul-2019 - Mysuru Pride March

   19-May-2019 - International AIDS Candle light Vigil

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Our Mission

Ashodaya Samithi recognizes vulnerabilities of all marginalized people including sexual minorities that result in violations of their rights. It initiates discussions among such communities as well as people in the mainstream society and policy makers and envisions that affirmative action through dialogue and exchange would result in empowerment of such marginalized populations and reclaim their social position in the society.

Our Vision

Ashodaya Samithi envisions a society where marginalized populations can enjoy all rights as citizens of the nation; where the society recognizes their capacity and thus provides space for enjoying economic, social and political benefits as enshrined in the constitution of the country. Ashodaya Samithi would strive to create a society where there is cooperation instead of confrontation, tolerance instead of violence and inclusion instead of discrimination.

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